What is Fire and Adjust all About ?

Ron-Fugle-founder-of-Fire-and-Adjust-731x1024Welcome !

I am Ron Fugle the founder and host of Fire and Adjust

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Fire and Adjust is a podcast and website designed to help you TAKE ACTION in business and in life by interviewing and highlighting some of our Military and Veteran Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and other Inspirational and Influential people.

Our focus may be on the Military and Veteran Communities but the information and lessons learned are universal. 



To help save you Time, Money and Aggravation along your Journey to Success !

We plan to accomplish this several ways !

  • 1. By Interviewing successful Military, Veteran and Inspirational Entrepreneurs, Artist, Athletes and other Inspirational guests. We learn from the successes and failures they experienced along their journey
  • 2. By providing you Easy Access to the Latest Veteran & Military Resources as well as The Top Recommended Books, Courses, Resources and Tools used by our Guest and other Successful Entrepreneurs
  • 3. Our online community here at Fire and Adjust will grow to become a valuable resource

What to expect here at Fire And Adjust

The Site, The Blog, The Podcast, The Network and You !


Fire and Adjust The Site - This will be the Central Head Quarters for everything Fire and Adjust. You will find links to Resources, The Blog, The Podcast, Veteran Links and much more.

The Blog - Here you will find useful information, reviews of products, Special highlights of Veteran and Military Owned small business and much more.

The Podcast - Here we will be interviewing other Veteran and Military business owners and other industry experts to help get us all Squared Away and Ready to Rock and Roll !

The Networks - If there is one thing that I can say helped me the most over the years it would be the people and communities that I surrounded myself with. Join Fire and Adjust on Facebook, Twitter and here at Fire and Adjust and begin to surround yourself like minded people !

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