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Did you know?

Local internet Searches Are Booming!

Do you manage or own a local business?

"Near me" searches have increased 900% in the last two years. Here are some other stats you should know.

46% of all searches on Google are now local
97% of Google's users have searched for local businesses
88% of people who do a local search call the business within one day
86% of Google Maps customers are looking for local businesses
Mobile devices influence more than $1.4 trillion in local sales

Let's work together to get you a bigger piece of that pie!

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Honestly, it doesn’t take us that much time anymore. I have a list of key focus areas and priority items that we check for best practices while taking note of anything that could be improved.

Often people will want us to continue working with them on their website and marketing needs, but that’s entirely up to you there is zero obligation.

This is just our friendly way of introducing ourselves while helping people grow at the same time. A Win-Win for Everyone!

Your website is A business investment

ten ways A Professional Website Can Help

Build Brand Awareness & Credibility
Help Find & Retain Quality Employees
Make It Easy For Customers To Reach You
Answer Frequently Asked Questions
Helps Build Customer & Client Trust
Showcase Products & Services
Sell Physical & Digital Products Online
Attract New Clients & Customers
Capture Your Clients Contact Information
Build Authority In Your Industry

everything you need to succeed

Build - Care - Grow  Services

We offer several different services and packages so that no matter where you are in your business journey you will be able to rest assured that your website, the hub of your online empire not only looks amazing but is also built on a platform that can grow and scale with you and your business.

step 1


Design & Development

Your Website is a Business Investment, a digital employee that is always there to help convert vistors to leads and leads to cusotmers. It's time to put yours to work for you. 

Custom Page & Section Designs
On Page SEO Optimized
Advanced Contact Forms
Secured Memberships & Courses
Sales Funnels & Landing Pages
Custom Responsive Designs
Direct Software & Service Intigrations
Ecommerce & Product Sales

step 2


maintenance & hosting

Done for you web hosting and maintenance plans so you can focus on what you do best and let us worry about updates, security and all that technical stuff.

Ultra Fast Website Hosting
SSL Security Certificate
Website Backups & Restores
Monitored Website Updates
Advanced Site & Login Security
Speed & Perfomance Monitoring
Support & Consultations
Monthly Performance Reporting

step 3


marketing & SEO Plans

We work with you to design a plan that helps boost your sites organic traffic, attract more qualified leads, builds your email list, grow an online community and more!

Advanced SEO Keyword Strategy
Google My Business Optimization
Target Location Pages & Content
Email Marketing Strategy Plans
Custom Newsletter & Email Flows
SMS Marketing Intigrations
Custom Lead Magnet Offers
Exit Intent and Custom Pop-ups

its time to take things to the next level

are we a good fit to work together?

a little more information about me and fire and adjust

Great Question - First things first let me introduce myself. My name is Ron Fugle your designer, founder and host here at Fire and Adjust.

Thank you for taking the time from your day to explore the site. Below are a few key points from my background that may help answer that question and please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions you may have. 

I Hold a Visual Communication & Graphic Design Degree

This may surprise you but a lot of graphic designers, web designers & UX/UI developers out there selling services do not have any formal training or hold any degrees in their respective fields. I am not saying that disqualifies them or makes their work any less worthy but it is something to consider. Your website is the foundation of your online empire, would you hire an unlicensed contractor to pour the footings for your home?

I Have Been Building Websites Since 2010 - A Lifetime In Internet Years 

The internet is constantly changing, there is always something new to consider, some new tech to explore or the next dreaded Google update to worry about. Why not let me handle all of that for you so you can focus on something important like your business.

Experianced Local Service Business Manager & Online Business Owner

I have worn many hats over the years I took over my first automotive repair shop when I was fresh out of the Army at 22 years old moved on to managing dealership service departments before moving onto other online ventures like Fire & Adjust here and VeteranCrafted.com 

Decades of E-commerce, Retail, Direct and Online Sales experience

I have been in sales in some form or fashion my entire life. Everything from a local cashier to selling directly to consumers in their homes. I spent decades behind a service desk selling services to local customers and national clients alike. I have also been selling physical and digital products online on my websites as well as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Facebook as well as local events and shows for nearly a decade also...Man Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

Personally Interviewed 100s of Successful Business Owners & Founders

I do have receipts for this! You can listen to most of these interviews here on The Fire & Adjust Podcast if interested! 

Unique Combination of Experiance and Skills Lead to Exceptional Results

I understand your pain points as a business owner, I have walked a similar path or worn a similar hat. This combined with my graphic design, web design, and marketing experience provides me with a unique skill set and the ability to build you a website that is not only structurally sound and secure but is also aesthetically pleasing and delivers results.

of the Most Common wishes

that hundereds of successful business owners & entrepreneurs I personally interviewed on the Fire & Adjust podcast had were:

1 - They wish they had started their business sooner.
2 - They wish they had asked for or hired help sooner.
3 - They wish they had started building their lists sooner.

You're in luck I can help with all of that and more!

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What Services Were You Interested in Leaning More About?