In this episode of Fire and Adjust,  I had the pleasure of talking with Wes Schaeffer known as The Sales Whisperer, Wes is a motivational sales and marketing keynote speaker, marketing expert, copywriter, and Infusionsoft Consultant.

He is also the Author of the 691-page book “The Definitive Guide To Infusionsoft: How Mere Mortals Increase Traffic, Leads, Prospects, Sales, Testimonials, Online Orders & Referrals With the World’s Most Powerful Small Business Sales & Marketing Automation Software.”

Some more you will hear in the show: 

  • How Wes was recruited into the Air Force to play Football
  • There are not bad salespeople just salespeople who have not had good training
  • How Wes became The Sales Whisperer
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with good people
  • Your website is your hub and everything should funnel to that

Resources Mentioned in today’s show