009 – Andrew Couch founder of Candy Lab Inc.

009 – Andrew Couch founder of Candy Lab Inc.

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In this episode of Fire and Adjust,  I had the pleasure of talking with Andrew Couch founder of Candy Lab Inc. Andrew was a NonCommissioned Officer for the United States Army and was stationed in Fort Drum NY, not to far from my home town here.

In this episode Andrew takes us from his service in the military and explains how it can directly translate to civilian success.

Some more you will hear in the show: 

  • What is Blended Augmented Reality
  • How you need to continue to wake up and take action every day
  • How to get your customers within 15 feet from your doors
  • Building and selling your first business is the hardest
  • Can building your Fire Team be key to your success
  • Life or Death vs Failure or Success is there really a difference
  • I could go on and on you really need to listen to this one

Resources Mentioned in today's show