013 – Dan Brillman founder of Unite US

013 – Dan Brillman Founder of Unite US

In this episode of Fire and Adjust, I had the pleasure of talking with Dan Brillman. Dan still serves today as a Pilot in the Air Force Reserves. He is a Yale University graduate and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Dan is the founder of Unite Us, a free platform which is designed to connect current and former military service members and their families to impactful resources and opportunities in their local communities. These opportunities include connecting with local veteran organizations and peers, as well as with civilian supporters. Utilizing interactive mapping (proximity based) technology, Unite US members and organizations are able to search and locate tangible and diverse resources within their immediate community, and are also able to access other communities across the U.S.

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Resources from today’s show

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 Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Your going to make mistakes but its what you do after that matters
  • Why you need to build your Team the right way
  • Why to get as many mentors as possible
  • What is Hyper Local Mapping ?
  • Unite US technology that is built to Scale
  • Why your military training makes you get things done

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