014 – Major Rob Dyer founder of RuckPack

014 – Major Rob Dyer founder of RuckPack

In this episode of Fire and Adjust, I had the pleasure of talking with Major Robert Dyer is an active duty Marine Corps aviation officer. Rob founded Noots! Nutrition in San Diego and RuckPack is just one of their first products. 

Now you may have seen Rob on the Hit TV show Shark Tank, where he actually received an investment by not 1 but 2 of the Sharks for RuckPack the Combat Nutrition Energy Shot.

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Resources from today’s show

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 Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Idea People Have Ideas you can't fight it forever
  • A good mentor can change your path with just one sentience
  • Why you need to continue to Fire and Adjust
  • Own what you do, don't make excuses
  • Be able to adapt to honest opinions
  • You don't know what you don't know

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