In this episode of Fire and Adjust, I had the pleasure of talking with Darryl Diptee creator of The EVA Smartphone App. Darryl is a LT in the United States Navy where he continues to serve today. 

Intent on designing a better world, he masterfully blends innovation, social entrepreneurship, and humanitarianism to tackle some of the globe’s most daunting tribulations. 

He is currently working on a project that will be launching in the next few weeks. The EVA Smartphone app promotes mental health by providing a safe, private virtual space where patients can maintain a continued connection with their counselors in between face-to-face sessions. 

We talk about the things that led up to Darryl having the idea for EVA and the steps he took and continues to take to make it happen. He talks about his trip to India to attend Dalai Lama’s teachings and much more. 

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 Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Will we all really be plugged into the web someday?
  • Just a guy with a moral obligation to do the right thing
  • Respect everyone you never know who they know
  • Each man is my brother so I may learn from them
  • You need to start with your passion and you’re Why
  • The Smaller guys can Fire and Adjust much faster than the Big Guys