Today we got to talk with Cedric Terrell a Marine Corp Veteran that took his passion for photography and built an Amazing Business Cedric Terrell Photography.

He actually bought his first professional camera while he was still on active duty and started to fine-tune his skills while overseas.  Now he travels all over the country taking photos in some of the most amazing cities and with some big-time clients like the Washington Redskins VIP types.

He is also working on a new project currently highlighting Amazing Veterans all over the country.

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Resources from today’s show

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 Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Take a passion you have and find a way to sell it
  • Push past the nerves sometimes it’s the only way to move forward
  • All solopreneurs need to be able to market themselves
  • Take advantage of the Network right around you
  • Keep on knocking on the doors and take the opportunities that come
  • Have the courage to say No we do not do that, don’t compromise