Today’s guest is Greg Call, a Marine Corps Veteran and Founder of Patriot Move.

Now there is one thing in the Military you are almost guaranteed of, and that is you probably going to get to travel and sometimes a Lot! Good or Bad there is a very good chance you, your family, all of your belongings, and your entire life are going to have to pick up and move.

Some of you might be thinking no big deal right, but these are not your typical across-town moves. Most Military families have to move from state to state and sometimes even out of this country and often many times during their Military career. Now some of us listening have had to make these moves with our families and they are Not Easy. When you start to consider what if I get deployed, what is the community like, what are the schools like, will my family be safe while I am away, etc etc etc …

Thankfully there are people out there that want to help and are currently creating solutions to ease many of these concerns!

Patriot Move is an online military community and relocation resource dedicated to improving the lives of service members and their families. We get into a lot more about how Greg started Patriot Move and much more.

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 Some more you will hear in the show:

  • As Americans, Is it our Duty to serve if we are fit enough?
  • Crowd-sourced Micro Loans to Launch your business
  • There are a lot of services out there that fall just short
  • You need to differentiate yourself from the crowd to succeed
  • Do not expect to build your something overnight, it takes time
  • Learn, Connect, Move Take Charge of Your Move with Patriot Move