033 – Ryan Michler founder of Wealth Anatomy

Today's guest is Ryan Michler an Army Veteran with a back ground in Retail Management and over 6 years experience in the Financial Services Industry.

He is a confessed Financial Junkie and a Personal Wealth Coach who took that passion and created a great business for himself. Wealth anatomy is a website, Blog, Podcast all centered around helping healthcare professionals properly manage their finances and put their Wealth to Work For Them !

Resources from Today's Show

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • The Hard things are often the most rewarding
  • Do you know how to properly handle your money ?
  • Why we have an obligation to stop at lemonade stands !
  • Is the Traditional Model of Financial Planning Dying ?
  • Work on the right Habits then worry about the Returns
  • Just get your thing out there then perfect it along the way !

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