034 – Big News for Fire and Adjust and What it means for You

In today's episode I wanted to personally thank everyone for the support here at Fire and Adjust. We are off to a great start with over 100,000 downloads in just 9 weeks, witch is Amazing and could not be done without all of you guys helping spread the word and sharing the show.

We got some big things to talk about today to include the Newsletter, Sponsors and the New Fire and Adjust Membership Site and Mastermind Group starting today !

You can learn more about this in the show and on the menu bar you will now see a new Sponsors tab and Join Fire and Adjust !

Are you Ready to Fire and Adjust ? Jump in and lets get this ball rolling, exclusive discounts to the First 20 Members so don't miss out.

Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Do you know What is a Mastermind is ?
  • Top reasons to join a mastermind group
  • Why I no longer use Aweber
  • What to expect in the Fire and Adjust Group
  • What is expected on you as a member

Join Fire and Adjust Today !