I had a chance to talk with Mylee YC for today’s episode of Fire and Adjust. Mylee is a Retired Combat Veteran, Athlete, Health/Fitness Coach, Breast Cancer Survivor, Motivational Speaker, Model/Actress, and is just getting Started!

Mylee’s battle with breast cancer has changed her life forever and now she is taking her experiences and her passion to help people and change others’ lives every day. You will need to listen to this one to truly understand how amazing her story is, everything from how she got into the military right after 9-11 to where she is today is inspirational.

Resources from Today’s Show

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Military Recruiters are some of the best salesmen
  • We may be Flawed but we are Perfectly Flawed
  • Men seem to take Boobs more seriously than Woman
  • What to do when your body is waging war on you
  • It is OK to have a bad day once in a while
  • Mental Strength can get you through some difficult times