Today I had a chance to talk with Damian Taafe-McMenamy founder of The MilBiz Show and still currently serving as a Major in the United States Army.

We have a chance to talk some about how Damian got in the military and how he met his wife who also is a Major in the Army. They have a very unique story of taking command and releasing command on the same day, although Damian’s wife does have a slight edge on time now.

This was a great conversation you will not want to miss and when you are done here check out The MilBiz Show and help support another amazing military podcast!

Resources from Today’s Show

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Why you need to start thinking about life after the military now
  • Is Entrepreneurship a natural fit for Military Veterans?
  • Where would this world be without all of us Dreamers
  • What Red-Tape is involved with starting a business while Serving
  • It can feel very lonely when starting your own business
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with successful people