Today’s guest is a Marine Corp Veteran with deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan as a Scout Sniper.

Jake is the Co-founder and CEO of Team Rubicon, a nationwide nonprofit that provides military veterans with the opportunity to continue their service by responding to natural disasters and global crises.

He just wrote a book titled Take Command that is available for pre-order now and Jake is also the founder of POS REP, the first mobile, proximity-based social network designed exclusively for the veteran community.

Resources from Today’s Show

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Disasters are our Business and Veterans are our Passion
  • Team Rubicon Uniting Military Veterans with First Responders
  • How to become a first responder in your business
  • What’s the social network for the 0.5 percenters
  • Your specialty training can be put to good use in helping others in need
  • The look of relief and hope on someone’s face is worth everything