Today I had the opportunity to talk with a fellow podcaster and now friend Jeff Anderson the host of The CNO’s Rapid Innovation Cell podcast.

Jeff is still currently serving in the United States Navy on the USS Independence as an Electronics Technician. He is also a member of the CNO’s Rapid Innovation Cell, a 15-member organization of relatively junior enlisted officers dedicated to finding ways to rapidly prototype new processes and technologies.

As if being a full-time soldier and host of The CNO’s Rapid Innovation Cell podcast was not enough he also co-organizes Disruptive Thinkers in San Diego, an organization that educates budding entrepreneurs through free seminars led by those who have succeeded before us.

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • What is The CNO’s Rapid Innovation Cell?
  • Why Develop and Implement Disruptive Solutions
  • When you are offered opportunities you need to take action
  • The difficulties of serving and starting a business
  • We all need to get over the impostor syndrome at times
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people