Today I had the opportunity to bring Tim Lawson back to Fire and Adjust.

Tim was inspired to start the 1, 2, Many Project after seeing media coverage of the epidemic of veteran suicide concentrate on the statistics rather than the human beings caught in the crisis. As a veteran and a survivor of suicidal behavior, Tim wanted to change the conversation to engage the broader community in proactive solutions.

Tim shares what he’s learned through these conversations with the 1,2 Many Podcast and by speaking at conferences, conventions, and special events.

Tim is our first guest to appear twice on Fire and Adjust and I am sure he will not be the last!


Resources from Today’s Show


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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Why we need the 1,2 Many Veteran Suicide Project
  • How to use Crowdfunding for a project like 1,2 Many
  • How its easier to express feeling with audio verse text
  • How hearing about the effects of suicide on others can help
  • We lose 22 Veterans to suicide everyday almost 1 an hour
  • 30% of all Veterans have contemplated Suicide!