Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Tami Jackson Co-owner and founder of, host of the Tami Jackson Radio Show that goes live every Tuesday night, and the co-host of the Hump Day News Report.

We got to talk about how Tami got into doing her show and how she has soldiers listening all over the world. We also talk about how Tami feels about guns and how talk shows influenced her on her journey. This episode is packed with interesting stories that you will not want to miss!

I had the pleasure of being on Tami’s show just a short time ago and would suggest everyone check it out below.

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • The importance of learning to respect weapons at a young age
  • How fewer Government regulations would help entrepreneurship
  • You need to be a connector and help introduce people to others
  • How some of our Vets were never honored as they should be
  • How Social Media can help launch your network
  • New Media is only going to become more important as time goes by