047 – Jason Anderson founder of PreVeteran

Today I got to talk with Jason Anderson founder of PreVeteran and author of Active-Duty Entrepreneur. Jason has started two businesses now and wrote a book all while still serving in the Unite States Air Force. 

We talked about how starting a business while serving is a great idea and that the military does support Active Duty Entrepreneurs after all. We also discuss some future projects that are going to be a great resource for active duty soldiers, their spouses and other members of the armed forces as well !

You won't want to miss this one guys we finally get some answers about this subject !


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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • The building blocks of Entrepreneurship
  • The steps to become and Active Duty Entrepreneur
  • Active Duty Entrepreneurship is a Win Win for Everyone
  • A Self Imposed hiatus from Normalcy
  • How Jason Fired and Adjusted with his business
  • You can start your business while serving

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