Today I got to talk with John Lee Dumas the founder of Entrepreneur on Fire.

John is a fellow United States Army Armor Veteran and we got a chance to talk some about what John did while in ROTC, where he started off as kinda of a rebel like so many young kids do when entering college at that age. Then John had a shift in focus and found ways to harness his natural competitiveness and desire to win and used this to his advantage in ROTC and beyond. After the dust settled John found himself the #4 cadet in a very competitive Battalion.

This coupled with many of the skills learned in the military and serving as an Armor Office like The implementation of a militaristic approach to managing systems and his employees to his everyday tasks that are required to operate a business of his size. That good old saying We do more before 9 am than most of the world does all day long definitely applies here.

It was fun talking with another Armor Veteran and I hope everyone enjoys this episode as much as I did. You can find some more information about John’s business below and a great video on what sparked John to launch Entrepreneur on Fire!

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • You need to make the decision to change your path
  • How a competitive spirit can help drive you to success
  • Not everyone comes out swinging for the Entrepreneurial fences
  • It is Amazing to see what the U.S. Army can accomplish in a short amount of time
  • It is, not the Military’s job to hold our hands after service
  • You always need to be looking for ways to increase your content production vs consumption