061 – Brock Heath Author and founder of Gauntlet Development

Today's guest on Fire and Adjust is Brock Heath founder of Gauntlet Development and Author of "How to Succeed in the Civilian World, For Military Veterans" Brock has a long list of accomplishments, Business Owner, Author, Personal Coach, Career in Banking/Finance, Troy City Councilman, Dayton Business Journal 40-Under-40 nominee and named Troy's 2012 Outstanding Man of the Year just to name a few ! 

Brock and I talk some about how he got in the Marine Corp and what it was like for him transitioning back to the civilian world. We talk a lot about mindset and some of the great books that we both say were early contributors to the paths and decisions we have made. We get into the details of Brock's book and the 12 Action Items proven to launch the reader towards the life they want to live. He even gives us some great tips on goal setting as well as some steps you can take today that come directly for the book

Listen to the show for all the good stuff then check out Brock's book below


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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • How to Succeed in the Civilian World, For Military Veterans
  • Actionable Tactics for success in the 1st Civ Div
  • 12 Action Items proven to launch you towards the life you want to live
  • We need more people taking charge of their lives through self-development
  • How reading and learning can change your life forever
  • How a goal card can change the path of your life forever


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