Today’s guest on Fire and Adjust is Mike Kelly Executive Director of Military Advocacy with USAA. This is a great episode, Mike and I talk about how he got into the Air Force and some about his family’s military background. Mike served for over 25 years both as enlisted and later coming back and serving as an officer as well. 

We talk about how Mike was looking for something bigger than himself and how he wanted to help his fellow brothers and sisters that were currently serving or that have already transitioned out of the military. You will hear how this led to where he is today with USAA and also how important your network is and why you should constantly be engaging and building relationships with yours.

Did you know that USAA has hired over 9400 military veterans and their spouses since 2006 (This number is most likely much higher but it was not tracked until 2006) and that they exceeded their 30% hiring goal and finished 2014 at 31% which is Amazing. For the service members and their families listening there are links below and tons of information in this show that you will want to hear. If you are a company or organization that is looking for ways to help with your military and veteran hiring goals then this episode is also for you.

As always you will have to listen for all the good stuff but below you will find some very useful resources that can help with your journey!

Resources from Today’s Show

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Put Opportunity over Geography when setting priorities
  • Have you ever been told you are overqualified for a position?
  • If you are committed to your goals nothing can stop you
  • Why you should pursue an organization you know and can trust
  • Have you seen how much USAA has to offer our community
  • Why you should start preparing early for your transition