Today I got to talk with Chuck Baird founder of Baird Media and he is the man behind Alaskan Pioneer. 

Chuck is one of the guests that has done so many amazing things already with his life and he is just getting started, we could have talked for hours about each different adventure he has been on. We did get a chance to talk some about how he ended up in the Air Force and working with the ICBMs/Space Program but we quickly moved onto what he did next.

Chuck talks about how he has been on one adventure after another from working on offshore oil rigs in the Shipyards of Brazil to working as the Director of Worldwide Maintenance for offshore drilling contracts on the Alaskan Pipeline. Then we talk about how Chuck started his company Baird Media and the Alaskan Pioneer project as well as his first movie Coldwood.  I almost get out of breath just trying to write what he has accomplished.

Chuck has also published 2 books and he is currently working on several others, all of this and he has still found the time to plan several new projects for the future. I can not wait to see what he has in store for us all next.

Check out Chuck’s YouTube channel and his Facebook page to learn more about what he is working on now.

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • It’s easier to win the game when you make the rules
  • No one will remember you by the ‘quantity’ of your work, Only the ‘quality’
  • You need to prepare properly for what you’re going to be taking on
  • “I would never have been asked to write the script for a movie or head up Alaskan Pioneer if I weren’t doing it myself”
  • How major life events can make you look at things a little bit differently
  • How to survive in Alaska for 365 days with only your dog, a few guns, and a goat!