Today’s guest on Fire and Adjust is Clay Clark the Founder of, online edutainment and practical training for entrepreneurs taught by millionaires, mentors, and everyday success stories. He has started numerous successful businesses, written 3 books is a contributor to

He started his first business out of his dorm room at the age of 18. He was named the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year at the age of 20. At age 27, he was named by the Small Business Administration as “Oklahoma’s Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Clay and I talk a lot about how he got his start from a young boy visiting his Uncle Jerry on the Farm to selling gumballs and T-shirts to go see his mentor Lori Montag! If you have read Rich Dad Poor Dad you can’t help but see some similarities in how Clay came to become so successful. This episode is jam-packed with great advice and practical knowledge that we can use and implement today, get your pens and paper ready you will need them.

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • We can make this Year better than the last
  • Learn the stuff behind the stuff that nobody talks about
  • Realize this is the time you can be successful
  • You need to Fill your Passion or Pursue your Passion
  • A White Hot, All Consuming Overwhelming Passion about what you do
  • Look for a Problem then Offer a Solution to that Problem