Episode 74 with Barrel Backers on Fire and Adjust

Barrel Backers

Today’s guest on Fire and Adjust is Adam Rivette co-founder of Barrel Backers, a veteran-owned and operated business that believes in the freedom of better beer for everyone! 

Barrel Backers is co-founded by two sets of brothers, 3 of which are Army Veterans who all went to West Point, and Adam tells an interesting story of how he and his brother Dan actually got a chance to serve together for a short period of time while in the Army.

Adam recalls having his first craft beer, it was after a long day of snowboarding in Colorado twelve years ago. It was a Fat Tire, and it completely redefined what beer could be to him. It was different, delicious, and brewed right down the road from where he was staying. Adam was hooked!

When he had to move to Georgia for his last duty station, he realized just how much he missed his favorite beers from Colorado. That does not seem like a big problem right, just order a case online and have it delivered to your home. Nope, not gonna happen! Well, not until Barrel Backers stepped in.

This is an episode you’re not going to want to miss, so grab your favorite beer and get ready to learn how you can explore craft beers from around the country with Barrel Backers.


Resources from Today’s Show

Some more you will hear in the show:

  • A Craft Beer Discovery Community that Delivers to Your Door
  • Crowdfunded Craft Beer, a Win for Everyone!
  • Always have a plan but be ready to make adjustments immediately
  • We had a Work Hard Play Hard Mentality in the Military
  • Join a Start-up and Learn the ropes on someone else’s budget
  • Do you have a Favorite Beer you can’t get anymore?