76 - Ryan Hammer Air Force Veteran and founder of Auto-Ad on Fireandadjust.com


Today we have Ryan Hammer on the show, an Air Force Veteran and founder of Auto-Ad.net. 

Auto-Ad is a revolutionary new way for companies to advertise. Auto-Ad sells advertising space on a fleet of vinyl-wrapped vehicles to companies who can elect to advertise on the driver’s side, passenger side, front hood, or rear trunk. Once the vehicle is vinyl wrapped with their advertisements, they “issue” the vehicle to a veteran or active member of the US Military, on the premise that he/she will drive the car as their daily driver (to work, to Walmart, to the beach, downtown, etc). Auto-Ad pays for the vehicle, and the insurance and veteran/military member gets the car for free, as long as they consent to drive it a minimum of 1000 miles per month.

It is their way of supporting those who protect us, and preserve our way of life.

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • Providing vehicles to Veterans at no expense to them
  • Tackle new and exciting challenges by thinking outside the box
  • Billboards are like a stain on the carpet, you don’t notice them
  • Sometimes you are going to have to pave your own way
  • Someone needs to step up and help out, this is our way of doing that
  • Leadership and the ability to build, equip, run, and organize successful teams