On today’s show, we have Sam Meek, Founder and CEO of Sandboxx, a military social network.

Sam enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2002 after the fall of the towers on 9/11. He followed in the yellow footprints of both his great-grandfather and his grandfather.

Sam was awarded several commendations and merits during his 2 tours to Iraq before being honorably discharged as a Sergeant of the Marines.

Sam believes that transitioning into civilian life is one of the biggest challenges most Veterans will face. When he transitioned he began his civilian career with WR Platform Advisors, a hedge fund investment platform, where he supported the executive team as Vice President of Business Development. Sam developed several successful marketing strategies for the firm while playing a key role in operations and technology.

After his stint in finance, Sam turned his attention to building Sandboxx, a lifestyle social networking platform for the entire military community with his co-founders

Listen to the show to learn more about Sandboxx and Sam’s advice on getting started on your own entrepreneurial journey.

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Some more you will hear in the show:

  • SandBoxx connecting our Military Community
  • Connecting service members, recruits, veterans, and their families
  • Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!
  • The further and further you get the more and more you miss it
  • What’s your next milestone, what is the next hill to climb?