Welcome to Fire and Adjust! 

My name is Ron Fugle your founder and host here at Fire and Adjust. 

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate you taking time from your day to explore the site and check out the show!

What is Fire and Adjust all about?

Initially Fire and Adjust started out as an audio-only podcast focused on interviewing and highlighting some of our most successful military and veteran entrepreneurs and business leaders. This is where two of my personal passions combined and you can find all of the previous episodes from the past still here on the website and on all your favorite podcast streaming apps.

As it often does life and circumstances change and so has Fire and Adjust, it is actually what my intentions were when I named the show. You see there is one thing I have learned in this life and that is if it can happen it will and the best advice I can give when it does is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, adjust your course, and drive on. Fire and Adjust to me is a way of life, not just the name of some random show or a firing command used by Army Tank Commanders, which it is both.

As Fire and Adjust and I grow so is the show! Not only have we expanded the topics we cover to areas like Business, Health, and Life, but we are now also interviewing lots of successful and interesting people from all walks of life. All while at the same time still highlighting our amazing military and veterans succeeding in our community today as the lessons we learn are almost always universal.

Today we also are no longer just an audio podcast we are growing to be much more than that. We are focusing most of our content around video now, you can find us on YouTube if you prefer but all of the episodes will be available right here on the website in video and audio formats and you can still access it in audio format on all the podcast streaming apps you are used to.

Are You Ready To Fire and Adjust?