I have often heard people recommend that you should avoid the naysayers when you are starting off. It is hard to do, but people will try and talk you out of whatever it is you thinking of doing. Why do they do this? I think they mean well, they are just trying to protect us from being hurt from being let down, but in the long run, it is only hurting us.

  • What if that naysayer is within yourself?
  • Does that question of why I enter your head from time to time?
  • Why should people listen to me and my stories?

Steven Pressfield refers to these things as Resistance.

Things like Fear and Procrastination are just a few of the forms Resistance can take on. Resistance is evil and can bury you before you even know it’s there.

Steven also writes Fear is a Good Thing, it is an indicator. The more important a calling or your work is to your inner core or soul, the more resistance will be felt towards your perusing it. Resistance is fueled by fear, if we can learn to master that fear then resistance can be conquered.

The audible version of this book is only a few hours long and is well worth the listen. Check it out and remember

” The More Scared We Are of a Work or Calling, the more we can be sure We Have To Do It.”

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