Do Veterans and Military personnel make good Entrepreneurs or Business Leaders?

I would have to say Yes, and below I will list 10 of the Top Reasons I feel we do make great business owners and operators.

The training we receive when we are in the military is amazingly useful when it comes to managing an existing business or overcoming the many challenges when attempting your own start-up.

  • Did you know that there are over 23+ Million Veterans in the United States?
  • Veterans own over 13% or over 5 Million Small Businesses in the U.S.A
  • 1 in 7 Veterans Own a Small Business
  • 68% of Veteran Owned Business are still around after 10 Years!
  • Fastest Growing Segment of Business Ownership

These numbers are honestly Amazing and Inspiring. I started to think about this and some things started to stand out to me. Below are the top 10 things I found.

  • Confidence – The Confidence to Take Action sometimes is all that separates us from achieving our Wildest Dreams!
  • Self-Motivated – Nobody is going to take your hand and walk you to success. You need to stand up and take it for yourself, but it is there for the taking if you really want it.
  • Discipline – Nobody said this is going to be easy, nothing worth having usually is. The discipline to keep going will take you further in life than you may think.
  • Listening Skills – Taking Feedback and Adjusting your Course of Action is Imperative to any business’s Term Success.
  • Determination – Persistence and Determination are instilled in everyone in the Military and directly transfer to success in other areas of life.
  • Leadership – You are a Leader, keep your head up and look people in the Eyes when you address them, Do Not Forget This.
  • Risk Management – Being able to determine risks and problems and quickly taking action to avoid or soften the blow, Huge!
  • Stress Management – I would have to say that The ability to handle and perform under stress has been one of my biggest advantages.
  • Team Work – Even with all the qualities listed above we all know that we can not do this alone, It is Going to Take Team Work in one form or another.
  • Focus – Never take your Eyes Off of the Target, Failure is Not an Option. Together We Can Accomplish Anything!